Once the keets have hatched in the incubator and they have had a few hours to dry out and “fluff up”, they are then transferred into the brooder, kept at 35 degrees Centigrade.  They have a small feeder and drinker and will stay in the brooder for 2 or 3 days.

Next, the keets are transferred to a small run with an infra-red heat lamp over them.  The lamp is started about 8 inches off the ground and is raised a little each week to lower the temperature and harden the birds off.  The birds are fed chick crumb and have a constant supply of water.

If the weather is warm I move the birds outside at 6 to 8 weeks, although I cover the run with clear plastic to keep any rain off the young birds.

After 6 weeks I change the food from chick crumb onto growers pellets, these have the right balance of ingredients to help the birds from 6 weeks up to about 20 weeks.