Keeping guineas

I have found keeping Guinea fowl to be very easy, in small numbers they can be kept with other poultry, I have built mine their own “guinea house”, with three high perches made of rustic branches. Some people will tell you that Guinea fowl are wild and flighty, this can be true if you buy them as older birds, however if you can buy young birds (called Keets) then they will quickly get used to you and are nearly as tame as hens.

Guinea fowl do not like being handled; they will come close to you but will “explode” if you try to pick them up. If you do have to handle your Guineas I find it best after dark when they are in their house, using as little light as possible.  The Guineas have very close feathers and are much more slippery than a hen so you will have to hang on tight when you do manage to grab one.

Guinea Fowl can be very noisy when upset, this normally only happens if a stranger is in view but can also be caused by a rat or stoat, also a hawk or carrion crow in the vicinity. They are as good as geese as an early warning system.